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    Guide Build Status buat Scout

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    Guide Build Status buat Scout Empty Guide Build Status buat Scout

    Post  Chrone on Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:23 pm

    Thief / Assassin / Secret Agent Guide
    * name of a job in this article is from Thai version of a games.
    Scout = Thief
    Commando = Secret Agent
    Gunner = Sharp Sniper

    Scout is a job with many ways to play it .
    You can play this job as a melee fighter , ranged fighter , or other type you can find.
    And with extreamely evasion and speed , you will be enjoy this job!!

    First , about weapon
    Because this job can use many type of weapon , so have to describe about a weapon first.

    Knife / Dagger (Scout / Assassin / Commando)
    Status : Agi > Str > Dex or Str > Agi = Vit > Dex
    Most balance weapon , best ways to slaying SU class in PVP.But cost so much money because use so much SP to spaming skill.This weapon is suitable for all players , easy to play and high ASPD. You can use this weapon to leveling and PVP.

    Claw (Assassin / Commando)
    Status : Str > Agi > Dex
    A weapon for leveling only. Easieast weapon to play , because this weapon want only passive skill (Triple Strike and Claw Mastery) to play. Commando has a Claw AOE skill "Cyclone". But this weapon is useless in PVP and NVN.

    Throwable weapon (Scout / Assassin)
    Status : Str > Agi > int
    First range weapon that Scout can use , have many of passive skill , but only 1 specific active skill for this type weapon (that you will use until you character lvl max) . Low damage than handgun , but you can equid a shield. One of the best weapon to kill the players with so much Agi , but no int.

    Handgun (Only Commando)
    Status : Str > Agi > int
    Handgun and Commando is come in Saga 4 , so just wait. This is a powerful weapon because handgun is the most ATK in all of a gun type weapon. Handgun have only 1 specific active skill too (same skill as gunner) , but we have another skill that I will tell you later.High damage that throw weapon , but no shield and have to take a tons of bullent with you.(You have to mix a skill. [Handgun - Bomb] or [Handgun - Matial art]

    Just select 1 of these all

    Now , about race!
    You don't have to worry about race , because any race can be a great scout!!!
    *But If you're Dominion , you can change you job to be Scout at lvl 1!!!

    (Leveling and Leveling)
    Increase your STR and AGI to go togerther and make Dex between 30-50

    At lv.99 : Agi must be 108 (Job bonus and Item)

    - Use only Passive skill , so this job will use less money and SP potion.
    - Have much ASPD to kill monster fast.
    - Have much S.Avoid to avoid monster and take less damage
    - But if you fight with more than one monster , you evasion will decrease.
    - Can't take so much magic and have less HP

    (Chop Chop Chop)
    Make STR,AGI high and Dex between 30-50. Have some Vit for PVP is great.

    At lv.99 : Agi must be 108 (Job bonus and Item is count)

    - Be a Damage Dealer with fast critical attack.
    - Faster kill than claw
    - Can equid Shield , so have more DEF than claws.
    - Many of Dagger passive skill is in class 1 , so you will have more skill point to increase other of Assassin skill.
    - Use so much SP
    - Can't take much damage , specially magic.

    Higher STR , Dex,Agi,vit have to go togerther

    At lv.99 : Agi must be more than 80 (Because you have to increase other status too)

    - Have more HP than Pure Agi status type.
    - But you have less Agi , so you have less chance to avoid.
    - And because less Agi , you have less ASPD too. If you use dagger , you can be use a skill "Delay cancel" (I dunno what the name in your server , but in Thai server I play , it's name "Shot sword delay cancel")

    >> Poision Curse Caster<<
    You have to know about Scatter Poition first. Scatter Poision is a skill that you will get when you're Assassin and job lvl.30. It's curse all enermy in range Poision curse and decrease them hp equal too 10% of caster HP 10 sec at lvl.5.

    For example :
    Mr.A cast Scatter Poision to Mr.B
    Mr.A have 1000 HP
    Then Mr.B take 100 Damage until the the curse is cancel.

    Just increase only Vit and Agi. Increase some Str for Payload and Dex for Capacity.

    - So much HP , You can be a tanker.
    - So much S.Avoid too , How monster can hit you.
    - This type of Assassin is good in killing players in PVP. Because Scatter Poision (lvl,30 / Assassin) Can't miss.
    - Great to kill boss subordinate (how to say that).
    - But you must use only Scatter poision.
    - Then you have to take a tons of toxin.
    - And toxin cost many money.

    : : Coming Soon : :
    Handgun VS Throw weapon

    - Have many passive than handgun
    - Can't change you element , just a physical attack.
    - Throw weapon can't upgrade.
    - You can't possession this weapon. So less DMG.
    - But you can equid shield , so you have more DEF and HP.
    - And shield can possession , so more DEF.

    * Status from possession will increase when the player who bring his soul to you equidment have a skill "Soul of *******" .

    - High damage than Throw
    - Handgun can upgrade , and element will be in your bullent.
    - You can possession this weapon. Higher DMG.
    - Ya , but you can't equid shield. Less DMG and DEF.
    - You can't play with only gun skill , just use martial art or bomb together.
    - Only Commando can equid handgun ,
    - And Commando have bad bonus status than Assassin.

    So , Handgun is for a one who want damage and Throw is for balance player.

    ***If you change class before you can learn that skill , then you can't learn it forever***

    You change to Assassin when you job is 30
    You can learn all scout skill between lv 1 - 30 , but you can't learn any skill at lv 31 - 50.

    But If you change to Assassin when you job is 50
    You can learn all of the scout skill (If you have enough skill point).

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